Our ham holders are synonyms of design, practicality and variety, but the materials used for its manufacturing are the heart of our catering supplies. From the accurate selection of woods to the usage of different metallic or polymeric components, we create a high quality, environmentally friendly balance that rigorously complies with the regulations.

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In this article, we invite you to explore some of the most important characteristics of our raw materials, to know in depth some fundamental aspects about BUARFE’s manufacturing processes and the reasons why it has gained widespread recognition all around the world.

Strict compliance with the current rules.

Since the beginning of its production, we certify that there are no harmful organic substances, from the water-based lacquers used for wood surfaces to the selection of woods – such as European white beech or Chilean insignis.

In accordance with the European Commission Directive 2002/72/EC and its subsequent modification 2005/79/EC (publication in the BOE DOUE-L-2005-82280), the resins contained do not include any toxic or hazardous compound that may contaminate food.

In this sense, the attention to detail in the selection of raw materials takes into account some aspects, for example the fact that the ham holder is safe for children; thus, we are fully compliant with food legislation.

BUARFE respects strictly the provisions established by European regulations EN 71-9:2005, UNE-EN 71-10:2006 and UNE-EN 71-11:2006, those that regulate the scope of the materials used for the food industry, so the elements employed can “come into contact with the mouth and/or skin”.

Our ham holders in professional environments.

BUARFE’s ham holders are also present in the food industry, such as in Clean Rooms, spaces especially designed to avoid contamination.

These areas are in compliance with strictly-controlled environmental guidelines, which measures the amount of particles present in the air, temperature or humidity. For all these reasons, incorporating a ham holder in any of these areas means that it must meet the highest quality standards.

Food handling follows strict procedures. Due to our faithful compliance with the rules in force, BUARFE’s ham holders are widely used in companies specialized in slicing quality hams.

As a rule, these Clean Rooms use our Deluxe Range of ham holders, which is characterized by the incorporation of special materials: AISI 304 stainless steel, bases and elements made of Polyethylene PE-500 or bases made of Silestone®.

BUARFE’s innovative materials.

Components in AISI 304 stainless steel.

Stainless steel is present in most of the ham holders of our Premium and Deluxe ranges. The AISI 304 alloy (AISI corresponds to the abbreviation, American Iron and Steel Institute) is an austenitic steel with a great impact strength in comparison to other alloys (which increases its security).

Moreover, it has excellent mechanical characteristics and a good chemical resistance (an impressive thermal variation of -263º and 560º).

At the same time, this alloy has a great degree of cleaning capacity, since it is not lined by some kind of chemical protection that degrades easily. This makes it the most known and used stainless steel in the food sector, milk and chemical industries.

Bases and elements in Polyethylene PE-500.

Another relevant incorporation is Polyethylene PE-500. It is a kind of plastic with a high thermal expansion coefficient (ten times higher than that of steel) and a high abrasion resistance (acids and dyes).

El alma de nuestros productos para restauración

According to the requirements of USP Class VI (The United States Pharmacopeial Convention), this material was classified as “suitable for sanitary use” and it is physiologically harmless.

Polyethylene PE-500 is present in our ham holders’ bases and holders, since it is the best thermoplastic on the market due to its qualities: high impact, wear and shear resistance and near zero water absorption.

Polyethylene PE-500 is also present in V-shaped holders – such as the Polyethylene PE-500 Professional Elite Plus Ham Holder among others – and it protects the knife edge from damages, as it is one of the most important tools for professional ham cutters.

Bases in Silestone®.

Silestone is present in some ham holders’ bases of BUARFE’s Deluxe Range. Due to its low porosity, this surface is characterized by its high resistance to staining, as well as its composition (90% natural quartz) provides a great scratch resistance and hardness.

BUARFE’s ham holders with Silestone bases have the original manufacturer’s antibacterial protection, which offers a great hygienic quality and a very easy maintenance by using any chemical product for daily use.

You may find some details, regulations and raw materials in our catering supplies.

The rest of it is our passion for a job well done and more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing ham holders that can be found in your home, restaurants and the most demanding professional environments.

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