Our need for improvement encourages us to innovate, thus BUARFE presents its new image, but keeping the same objective since 1992. We are committed to improvement for more than 25 years and, as part of this improvement cycle, we introduce our corporate website: a place in which professionals can find our products and keep abreast of our latest news in a simple and intuitive way.

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BUARFE works hard to keep and develop communication channels with customers for more than 25 years – one of the pillars on which our image as leading company in the industry rests. Innovation has always been an important part, so that is why we introduce a renewed image on the Internet, not just to share this innovative spirit, but also to keep on improving online communication with our present and future customers.

In order to make known our wide catalogue to catering and hardware professionals, our new corporate website introduces our products clearly and with detail, making navigation simpler and more intuitive.

In our section, “Catering Supplies”, you will find our ranges of ham holders (Basic, Premium and Deluxe), designed and manufactured in Spain, together with an exclusive range of Ham Tables for the catering business.

Our section, “Hardware Products”, introduces our wide ranges of Wire, Blisters, Maxi Boxes and Boxes for Professional Packaging.

Our company is closely linked to the ham sector, thus we have included a continuously updated section dedicated to professional ham cutters, where you can meet and get in contact with professionals in your area.

BUARFE’s new website is more alive and dynamic than ever. Every 15 days in our News section, you will find interesting publications that include introductory videos of each of our ham holders, presented by Abraham Cambres, the awarded professional ham cutter.

If you are not yet a BUARFE customer, we invite you to discover our professional trajectory, marketing conditions and FAQ. If you have any doubt or professional query, we are ready to help you out through any of the channels present in our customer service section.

We hope you like this renewed space.

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