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Introducing our “Jabugo” Beech Ham Holder Long Base

BUARFE presents a new video about its catering supplies: the “Jabugo” Beech Ham Holder, (long base – 53 cm). This magnificent ham holder, fully designed and manufactured by BUARFE using top-quality materials, is characterized by its innovative system of rotatory bushings, thanks to which the ham can be rotated without removing it from the ham holder.

The heart of our catering supplies

Our ham holders are synonyms of design, practicality and variety, but the materials used for its manufacturing are the heart of our catering supplies. From the accurate selection of woods to the usage of different metallic or polymeric components, we create a high quality, environmentally friendly balance that rigorously complies with the regulations.

Introducing our Professional Elite Plus Ham Holder

The presentation of our Polyethylene PE-500 Professional Elite Plus Ham Holder is the first instalment of a series of videos in which we examine our catering supplies in detail. This innovative, professional ham holder, fully designed and manufactured by BUARFE, has a series of features unique in the market, which makes it BUARFE’s star product within our Deluxe Range.

New image but with the same objective since 1992

Our need for improvement encourages us to innovate, thus BUARFE presents its new image, but keeping the same objective since 1992. We are committed to improvement for more than 25 years and, as part of this improvement cycle, we introduce our corporate website: a place in which professionals can find our products and keep abreast of our latest news in a simple and intuitive way.

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