The pallet I ordered is open, how should I proceed?2018-09-02T20:25:08+01:00

Once delivered at destination, if your package or pallet is damaged or broken, the customer shall reject it or document any defect observed in the pallet/package in the receipt of the transport (in a clear and understandable way, in the observations section of the questionnaire).

In case you do not follow the abovementioned directions, customers assume responsibility for receiving defective or spoiled goods.

If you wish to make a claim, but do not include any information in the receipt of the transport, this might lead to problems when returning the goods.

What are the conditions to initiate a trade relationship with BUARFE?2018-09-02T20:24:44+01:00

BUARFE is exclusively devoted to wholesale, we refuse retailing.

After contacting us, our Sales Manager will contact your company to meet your needs and provide the basis for your trade relationship.

Can you customize any of your products including the information of my firm?2018-09-02T20:24:10+01:00

BUARFE can customize and create custom-made products. Currently, we customize products for top-level national and international companies and every range has different customization proposals:

Ham holders: wood fire engravings, Silestone engravings, vinyl stickers and 3-D resin adhesives.

Wires and blisters: we can customize any product with a logo, an identifying SKU and a EAN13 bar code.

To receive more detailed information and a study of your customization, please send us information to ventas@buarfe.com and you will shortly receive information and the conditions for carrying out the customization of the product.

What should if my order is incomplete or damaged?2018-09-02T20:23:16+01:00

Customers must notify any incident by sending a message to the e-mail address, ventas@buarfe.com, including any information related to your order (which piece is missing, where is the damage) and photographs if possible. We will send you the missing piece as soon as possible. In case your order is damaged, you can replace it or the amount paid will be returned.

All products will be collected by BUARFE’s shipping company with the aim of evaluating and studying the incident. The information collected will help us to improve in relation to the quality of our products.

How long does the delivery take?2018-09-02T20:22:33+01:00

Items in stock: this kind of orders are prepared immediately (24/72 hours).

Personalized items: it takes from 10 to 15 days to prepare this kind of orders, depending on the product selected and its volume. Once it is confirmed, you will receive information about the delivery time.

Please, take into account that the delivery time indicated does not include the time involved in shipment, which depends on the final destination of the goods.

Do not hesitate to get in contact with us via e-mail for more detailed information and delivery times: logistica@buarfe.com

How can I keep informed about your products?2018-09-02T20:22:26+01:00

Any information about our catering supplies and our hardware products, including downloadable catalogues and product data, are available on our website.

Please send us your company’s information, including a telephone number and a contact person, or contact us at the following address: hola@buarfe.com. Our sales manager will contact you as soon as possible to schedule a visit in which we will provide you with all the information necessary to market our products.

What is the minimum order quantity to cover the cost of transportation?2018-09-02T20:25:58+01:00

Transportation is free for orders superior to the following amounts:

  • Orders over 300€ (pre-tax) in Spain.
  • Orders over 600€ (pre-tax) in the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.
  • Orders over 1,500€ (pre-tax) in the Canary Islands.
  • We manage international shipping; the shipping costs included on the invoice will be assumed by the customer.
  • We have an express delivery service (14 – 24 hours); the shipping costs included on the invoice will be assumed by the customer.
What is the minimum order quantity to ask for a certain reference?2018-09-02T20:22:06+01:00

The reference of each product is present in our catalogues and rates, whose quantity is indivisible.

All orders requested via e-mail (ventas@buarfe.com) are subject to review. In case there is a request that does not comply with our packing unit, the order will be changed to fit our packing unit and the customer will be sent a confirmation of the order.

What is BUARFE’s quality policy?2018-09-02T20:21:39+01:00

We have the AENOR ISO 9001 certificate since 2003, so all our products fit our quality standards in the different stages of production – from the input of the raw material until the production of the final product.

What ranges are present in BUARFE’s catering supplies?2018-09-02T20:20:11+01:00

We group our catering supplies into three ranges to make it easier for you to search our products swiftly and efficiently:

: characterized by an unbeatable quality/price relationship, for private domestic use.

: Ham holders, premium range: high-quality ham holders, for hotel and catering businesses.

: Ham holders, deluxe range: range based on innovation and design, for professionals.

:Ham tables: working tables for hotel and catering businesses.

What ranges are present in BUARFE’s hardware?2018-09-02T20:20:00+01:00

In order to fulfil our customers’ needs, we have different product ranges:

• Wires: we have a variety of galvanized, annealed wires and plastic coated wires and steel cables.
• Blisters: the ideal format for all DIY applications.
• Maxi Box: space saving format for DIY applications.
• Professional packaging: a format aimed to professionals.

What information is included in BUARFE’s products?2018-09-02T20:13:07+01:00

All our products include clear, detailed information, including EAN13 bar code for a better trade and accounting control of all our customers.

Does BUARFE have display cases to present its products?2018-09-02T20:12:42+01:00

We have different types of display cases to incorporate in your point of sale. This way, the product is presented in a more appealing way, which improves its sale.

If this is your first order and the product chosen covers the whole content of the display case, it will be sent at no charge to you.

Thanks to its ideal composition and different rotations adapted to each model, customers can make as many changes as they wish.

What is the minimum order quantity, without including the shipping rate?2018-09-02T20:12:28+01:00

There is no minimum order quantity; any order that does not reach the minimum required would have to pay for the shipping of the products.

Customers can also manage the carriage of their order/s and collect them at our installations.

BUARFE Ham Holders
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