BUARFE uses top-quality raw materials for the production its wire rolls (galvanized wire rolls, plastic coated wire rolls and plastic coated steel wire rolls). Such materials are provided by renowned supply businesses in compliance with the regulations currently in force. For this reason, our products fulfil strict quality criteria, from raw material creation to the production of the final product.

BUARFE manufactures customized products for both trading companies and individuals. Thanks to our computer systems and design programs, we can create product labels with any type of information, such as the logo, EAN-13 bar code, storage location, etc., to facilitate commercial and accounting management.

We believe in the importance of a consumer-oriented product exhibition. For this reason, we have different types of display cases to incorporate in your points of sale, with the aim of presenting the products and thus, increase sales.

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Productos de Ferretería
Productos de Ferretería


BUARFE has more than 1,000 references in blisters in stock, and we consider that it is vital to keep a guaranteed flow of supplies at the disposal of our customers. For this reason, we have all the technical and human resources needed to manage stock control and avoid running out.

Throughout our 25-year experience, we have created a certain blister composition for each display case for the best sales results. However, customers have the possibility of creating the composition they desire or that best meets the needs of their business.

BUARFE is present at all stages of production, which allows us to offer special, personalized packaging service at any sector. At present, we pack sets of different articles both in ziploc bags and cardboard boxes and, as long as the products are in stock or in our catalogue, we can include an identifying label with the information deemed to be pertinent.

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Maxi Boxes

Our Maxi Boxes are ideal for small do-it-yourself projects. For this reason, we have grouped together our most demanded references, which also allows a significant saving for customers and increasing its sales.

BUARFE is committed to provide a superior service to their customers and in certain processes, such as manual packaging using precisions scales to guarantee the perfect finish of the product.

This range of products has two different display cases: one for Maxi Boxes only, and another one combined with Blisters, so any customer can create the composition they desire.

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Productos de Ferretería
Productos de Ferretería

Boxes for Professional Packaging

All references selected for our boxes for professional packaging are designed for professionals. Due to the large volume of units of each box, we have monitoring programs in our computerized warehouse to guarantee a permanent flow of supplies.

This range of products includes special measures that are not present in our Blisters or Maxi Boxes, since they are very demanded and designed for professionals.

All our products are labelled to offer clear detailed information of the product, including EAN-13 bar codes to improve trade control and accounting.

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