The presentation of our Polyethylene PE-500 Professional Elite Plus Ham Holder is the first instalment of a series of videos in which we examine our catering supplies in detail. This innovative, professional ham holder, fully designed and manufactured by BUARFE, has a series of features unique in the market, which makes it BUARFE’s star product within our Deluxe Range.

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The success of our Polyethylene PE-500 Base Professional Elite Plus Ham Holder is the result of years of refining and meeting the needs of professionals. Together with its high quality materials, as its stainless steel AISI-304 structure and its Polyethylene PE-500 components, this model has functional features unique in the market.

This ham holder covers 80º of roll angle to facilitate the third cut of the ham, as well as it allows horizontal and full rotation of the ham. Equally, its ham bracket, made of Polyethylene PE-500, protects the knife edge, which makes it the perfect tool for professional ham cutters and gastronomic establishments.

The following video, the first of our monthly publications, shows in depth the Polyethylene PE-500 Base Professional Elite Plus Ham Holder from our Deluxe Range in the section, “Catering Supplies”.

Discover our catering supplies every month, presented by Abraham Cambres, the awarded professional ham cutter (Spanish runner-up 2017, International Champion INTERPORC Awards 2017).

While we share a new instalment, we invite you to discover BUARFE’s ham holder models from our vast Basic, Premium and Deluxe Ranges.

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