Política de Calidad

BUARFE, S.L.’s MISSION is “providing its customers with high-quality catering supplies (ham holders, ham tables) and hardware products (wire, blisters), together with the support of renowned suppliers and a staff committed to meet and satisfy customer’s needs and improve every day.”

BUARFE, S.L.’s FUTURE VISION is “becoming sales leader in the next 5 years, both at regional and national levels, complying with the quality requirements established.”

BUARFE, S.L.’s CORPORATE PRINCIPLES are satisfying its customers and creating a favourable working environment. Some of these principles are:

  • Service: the provision of a good service contributes to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Responsibility: Staff is aware of the importance of doing their duty, taking into account that this principle grounds the future of the company.
  • Punctuality: being punctual is one of the most important aspects of BUARFE; this ensures complying with the agreements and our trust with internal and/or external customers.

To comply with all of the above, BUARFE, S.L. bases on 4 VALUES. These are the values that the company encourages, promotes and demands for itself and its staff:

  • Honesty: all our sale agreements are handled with transparency and integrity.
  • Loyalty: we are true to the company, seeking its development and continuity over time.
  • Leadership: to promote the development of competencies, we provide participatory leadership.
  • Excellence: the continuous improvement of our processes allows us to attain and meet the needs of our customers by means of the effectiveness of our work.